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This Deluxe High Volume Inground pool pump has two speeds : Low Speed for energy efficient everyday operation and High Speed when you vacuum your pool or run other accessories. You can toggle between the two speeds with a switch at the back of the pump. 1750 RPM low speed, 2.1 Amps / Energy saving for normal operations & 3450 RPM high speed, 7.5 Amps for extra power when you need it! This 1.5 HP in-ground pool pump is quiet, efficient and self priming. Its corrosion proof polymer construction will deliver years of reliable service. It is the same quality construction as Hayward, Sta-Rite and Pentair.

The suction and discharge ports are threaded for 2" fittings for maximum flow of up to 5820 GPH! The pump has a convenient drain plug for easy winter maintenance.

This 230 Volt pump comes ready for a hardwired 230 volt connection. It's designed and manufactured to meet all CSA and ETL requirements. The pump motor is equipped with automatic thermal overload protection, which allows the pump to automatically shut off under abnormal overheating before damage to motor occurs. The Pump will auto-restart when the motor temperature goes down.

Type: Electric Pool Filtration Pump
Material: PPGF30, PC+SS
Power: 1.5HP - 230V - 60 HZ - 7.5 A / 2.1 A - Single Phase
Power Cord: No
Number of Speeds: Two
Flow: 45 GPM / 96 GPM
Head: 65 Ft / 65 Ft
RPM: 1750 / 3450
Max Flow: 5280 GPH
Max Water Temp/Pressure.: 40 PSI @104F
Inlet/Outlet Fitting: 2" NPT
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Certification: CSA and ETL

Electric Pool Pump & Pump Frame
Pump Cover with "O" Ring
Pump Filter Basket
Owners Manual

When installing, please consult a qualified professional!

Intended for use with swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas!

  • SUPER VALUE: This 1.5HP High Flow Pool Pump Delivering Superior Reliability and Performance, at much Less Cost than the Big Name Brands. An efficient and affordable pool Pump that you can rely on
  • SELF-PRIMING: A Very Powerful Self-priming, High Flow Pool Pump, heavy-duty,with a High-Performance Motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation. Suction Lift to 8 Above Water Level
  • LONG-LASTING: Durable Rigid Construction, a Stainless Steel Motor Shaft & a Corrosion proof polymer reinforced thermoplastic body for high strength, will give you years of use
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: The Clear Acrylic Twist-Lock Cover allows you to see exactly what is in the Large Basket, which reduces your pool maintenance time and increases your pool enjoyment
  • ELECTRICAL: 1.5 HP - 230 V - 96 GPM - H 20 m - 1750 RPM low speed, 2.1 Amps / Energy saving for normal operations & 3450 RPM high speed, 7.5 Amps for extra power when you need it- Requires to be Hardwired

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1.5 HP-230V 2 Speed In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump - Deluxe High Flow - Energy Efficient

  • Brand: SUNSOLAR
  • Product Code: ACC-PUMP-ING150D-2S
  • Availability: In Stock

Available Options

Dynamic Head

The effect of the Earths gravity on the "lift" or head pressure is fairly simple; for every vertical foot of distance the pump moves the water you are adding one foot of head pressure so the ratio is a 1:1 ratio. The effects of the friction, caused by water as it travels through your hose or pipes, on the total head pressure is a little more difficult to calculate especially as there are slight variations in pipe friction in different hose materials and the smoothness of the inner bore. Basically. for every ten feet of pipe through which the water has to travel travel horizontally will contribute 1 foot of head height; the ratio of the pipe friction loss is a 10:1 ratio.

Plumbing fixtures and bends and corners in your hose also increase the total head you must calculate to ensure the proper final volume from your pump. Every corner with a 90 degree elbow in your plumbing will add 1 foot of head pressure  with a 1:1 ratio. 45 degree elbows, tees and even insert couplers can all have an impact on the final flow.

If you install a pump 40 feet away from the top of your waterfall which is 6 feet above the pump and the tubing is a single run of 40 feet horizontally then you add 4 feet of head for the tubing length (the 10:1 ratio) to the 6 foot differnetial between the pump location and the final height of the waterfall so your final total dynamic head calculation would be 10 feet. This means your final volume of water flow in this water feature or application would be the volume of flow on the performance curve that equaled the gallons per hour at 16 feet. This volume will certainly be much less than the initial volume the pump can move at an open flow or a zero head.

If in the above example your 40 feet of horizontal tubing run also required 3 elbows of 90 degrees then an additional 3 feet of theoretical head would be added and your final flow result would be at 19 feet on the performance curve of the pump. In this example you would want to choose a pump that has the desired GPH rating at 9 feet of head pressure.  Tubing size is also an important factor in accounting for head pressure loss, in general you should never reduce the diameter of the tubing below what the output size of the pump is, this will drastically increase head pressure, and reduce pump performance.  For maximum pump performance, using the largest tubing that is practical is the best choice. A best practice is to use a hose with an inner diameter that is the same as your pumps outlet fitting.